This is everything.

My favorite part is that Bart literally became Homer.

My favorite part is that Lisa became bisexual and eventually married Millhouse. Or the Jenda and Bart separation part.

Actually the best part is that in the entire series Maggie says like one-two words. And in her solo Christmas card she’s the “voice of her generation”

Well yeah, but in the episode where Lisa meets with a fortune teller, Maggie is a singer in the future. (They never give her a chance to talk, but they mention several times that she has a great voice and Lisa even plans to have her sing at her wedding.)

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I think that AP post was making fun of how much AP students talk about the fact they are AP students...

I know. I was an AP student and other kids would talk like that and it’s just like “get off your high horse, I barely did the homework and I managed an 85 average in every class.” Tbh I got a 1 on the chem test, but we also only made it halfway through the syllabus. I got a 3 in Calc and a 4 on US History and English Language and Composition. I almost got my credits withdrawn in those two due to absences. Like people make such a big deal but honestly unless homework is a HUGE part of your grade, it’s easy as hell.

So I’m talking to my new roommate

On facebook, I haven’t met her in person yet. And I’m so nervous! I’m kinda socially awkward, not like bad enough to be diagnosable as anything, but I just kinda live with my foot in my mouth and get really nervous for no reason. I’m running out of interesting things to say and I’m afraid she’s gonna hate me before we even really meet! Ugh, why can’t I just be more outgoing?!